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Project Meeting held in Amsterdam on 30 and 31 March 2017

5th Apr

The consortium members recently met at the Eigen Haard offices in Amsterdam. Discussed were accomplishments achieved, outstanding deliverables, the TRIME Energy Challenge and the Energy Ambassador programme results. Both the Challenge and Programme are now at an end, but a training pack is available in ‘Resources’ and the Challenge is still functional and offers residents insights in how to save energy and money.


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TRIME project to be presented at International Social Housing Festival, Amsterdam

5th Apr

TRIME presentation at International Social Housing Festival

  June, 14     Museum Het Schip, Oostzaanstraat 45, Amsterdam

Energy efficiency in Social Housing – DREEAM and TRIME project

In the coming decades, cities will accommodate an increasing number of inhabitant. Most of the housing stock of 2050 exists already but is energy inefficient and in need of renovation. In order to improve the existing stock and the quality of living there, both technical (renovation) and human aspects of energy efficiency need to be scaled up. The projects DREEAM and TRIME aim to share the best practices currently developed with a wider, European audience. In DREEAM, tenants are involved before, during, and after renovation, in order to include their needs and build trust in the process. In TRIME, targeted training on energy efficiency is provided to the dwellers.

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