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Save Energy, Save Money


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Sign up for eco-gestures in your home to check your lighting, heating, gas and electricity.

Choose between 3 and 5 eco-gestures that you can really commit to.

To save, you will have to carry out the eco-gestures in the Challenge! So set realistic goals!

The savings you make are estimates and will differ depending on property and country.

In practice you can realistically expect to achieve about £350 in savings per annum.

Tip #1

Defrost your freezer (an ice layer of 2mm will increase energy costs with 10%)

Saves: 65kWh


Tip #2

Wait until your dishwasher is full before putting it on

Saves: 100kWh


Tip #3

Don't wash by hand use the dishwasher instead.

Saves: 115kWh


Tip #4

Choose the right size cooking pot for the right stove.

Saves: 27kWh


Tip #5

Cook with a lid that is suitable for your cooking pot.

Saves: 72kWh


Tip #6

Only boil the water you need in the kettle

Saves: 71kWh


Tip #7

Use a microwave to cook instead of an oven, it’s a much more efficient way of heating

Saves: 142kWh


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