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Save Energy, Save Money


Save Energy, Save Money is challenging you to select eco-gestures that will help save energy. Each eco-gesture is rated using £, ££, £££, ££££, £££££ to show how much money & energy they will save you each year.

What is the challenge?

The Challenge is a tool that helps households see how to save energy in the home. Taking the Challenge will allow you to select tips that show you how to save energy.






How to use the challenge

  • Select 3-5 eco-gestures
  • Take note of them
  • See how many kWh you can save
  • You’ll save on average between £160-£350 per annum

Benefits of taking part

  • Lower bills and more control over your money
  • Carbon benefit
  • Doing something good for the environment
  • Learning about energy in the home

Before you start...

Before you start the Challenge why not watch this film and see what tips are easiest to do and save the most money.

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