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About the TRIME project

About the TRIME project

TRIME was a project that will help tenants in social housing save energy and save money on their bills.

The aims of the project were:

  • To reach residents through the energy saving advice model using resident Energy Ambassadors
  • To reach residents through promoting the Challenge
  • To measure the energy saved by residents

The project found the main benefits of delivering an energy saving advice model are:

  • Increased social interaction between tenants and neighbouring households
  • Carbon reduction
  • Tenants get to save some money
  • Supports the environmental goals of social housing organisations

The project is now complete and this site offers the research, the Energy Challenge and materials developed during the pilot. They are available here for other social housing organisations to adapt if needed.


TRIME was launched in September 2014 and completed in autumn 2017. It was developed by seven social housing organisations, a university, behavioural research company and technology company all based in the EU.

TRIME was a project set up to improve energy saving actions amongst social housing tenants who often have limited financial resources. The project designed an energy saving advice model based on creating a network of tenants that volunteered to be Energy Ambassadors who then support their neighbours to save energy.

The Energy Ambassadors were supported at every stage and all found the experience rewarding. For example, Energy Ambassador, Mohamed Rahali from France said:

“I think that we lack of social relations in the neighbourhood. Busy lives and daily routines don’t make people want to interact with others more than necessary. Going to see my neighbours as an Energy Ambassador made me build relationships with my neighbours. It was also an opportunity to learn new things.”

When asked about whether Energy Saving Advice should continue at the Belgian social housing association, Zonnige Kempen, an Energy Ambassador, called Carina Van Looy, responded:

“Yes, certainly, energy bills are rising and a lot of people will no longer be able to pay them. Hopefully a lot of participants have saved a lot during the project, then TRIME can be considered a success and parts of it should be continued.”