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Welcome to TRIME

Welcome to the TRIME website. The TRIME project was set up to explore how social housing residents can be helped to reduce their energy use and cost of bills. As a result, there is now an online resource that will help social housing organisations set up an energy saving advice model. Please find the resources and read the full Guide called Saving Energy in Social Housing here.

To contact somebody in a participating country please visit our partners page.

You can use for free:

  1. A Step by step guide to setting up the Energy Advice Model
  2. Promotional materials
  3. Training materials
  4. An online Energy Challenge (see below)
  5. Research reports

See the Resources section for all available materials.

What is the TRIME Energy Challenge?

The icon on the left will take you to the Challenge, which can help your tenants learn more about saving energy. It’s a fun and interactive way to help households see what actions they can take to save energy. If you want to tailor the challenge to your organisation, so you can learn more about how your tenants save energy, please contact

Trias Mores Energetica (TRIME) is an energy saving project that runs in 5 countries (UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium) for 3 years (2014-2017). The work is co-funded by the European Union.

EU energy funded